Bespoke Office Bags

Bespoke Office Bags are personalized bags designed as per the customer’s requirements.

In the past, it would cost a small fortune to design your very own unique handbag.

Nowadays, Bespoke Office Bags can be easily designed and manufactured in all shapes, sizes and for all budgets and in a matter of days.

They are a great way of saving time and effort, especially when it comes to work purpose or outdoor hobby; they are designed according to your taste, creative ideas, body structure and with the purpose to contain all your necessary content.


What makes a good bespoke bag? There are many factors, the main one is that it is designed by the customer, therefore it is unique.

Bespoke Office Bags

The design can relate to the concept, colors, internal compartments, quality, practicality and other details.

A Bespoke Office bag designer will work closely with the customer and assist him professionally.

Hot Features of Bespoke Office Bags.

Another key factor is of course, the quality and types of materials – such as cloth, leather or imitation leather, lighter, safer and solid materials that are durable yet stylish.

Thickness/Weight- 1.8- 2mm/ 4-5oz

Full Grain 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather from Montana, Italy

Azzuraa uses only the finest leather which will age beautifully and develop a gorgeous patina with age and use.

Vegetable Tanned leather is able to join comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility of the product.

Care of Leather:

If the leather gets wet, wipe it lightly with a soft cloth and allow it dry naturally, do not dry it under direct heat.

Clean and moisturize the leather sufficiently and regularly, but do not over oil it.

A good designer should be able to provide customers with the exact, most advantageous bag while following the customer’s creative ideas, special requests and personalized style.

The advantage of Bespoke Office Bags is that the customer has an almost infinite range of options available to him. He can select the material, the shape, the size, the color, the texture; add any image or text of his choice.

A Bespoke Office Bags can also serve as a wonderful, personal gift – unique in its kind.

Bespoke handmade bags are created for all occasions and for anyone, they could be designed for the day to day use, the office, sports, gym bags, camera bags, laptop cases, outdoor equipments, diaper bags, evening purses, school backpacks and any other purpose.


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